12 & 20 Weeks Magazines

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12 & 20 Weeks are the approximate stages of pregnancy when mothers to be attend an appointment for an ultrasound scan.  In a normal pregnancy it is often the 12 week or "dating" scan which confirms the due date of the new arrival to the parents and is often the point when a wider announcement of the pregnancy is made to friends and family.

A time for action..

  • Decisions need to made: the arrival of a new baby can sometimes mean wholesale changes in lifestyle, accommodation,  transportation and even sometimes location, especially if it is your first child.  A new baby on the way will always mean some big purchases, for first time parents this can mean sourcing a whole new range of essential products and services from shops and brands they have never tried before.

  • 12 & 20 Weeks is a beautifully presented, glossy magazine which brings these expectant parents an indispensable, detailed guide to the types of maternity care available during  the final 2 trimesters of their pregnancy and the childbirth options that are available through their own local NHS Trust.  The magazine also includes information from other national organisations on the healthcare of both mothers to be and newborn babies.

  • To support 12 & 20 Weeks and to allow us to provide a free copy to each new expectant mother we ask reputable local shops  and businesses who supply quality products and services in the same geographical area as the participating NHS Trust to sponsor adverts or editorial positions within the magazine. This is a great opportunity to showcase your service to the local customers your business relies on, reaching those at a life changing moment in their lives - new parents needing new items for the first time and forging new brand loyalties.

Prenatal 12 week fetal dating scan in 3D